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Almost Eden is a Health & Wellness Spa Cartering Exclusively to Women.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Prior to endoscopic and radiological examination 

Irrigating the colon immediately before an endoscopic exam saves the patient from having to consume saline solutions and magnesium sulfate drinks, all of which make for an uncomfortable night of sleep prior to the procedure, not to mention time lost from work and family activities while enduring the expulsion of these ingested solutions.   Research has shown most patients don’t consume the necessary amount of the drinks and actually have a strong negative reaction to the preparatory solutions, not the exam itself.  Procedures can be prescribed and executed within an hour with the use of colon hydrotherapy.  Not only does this save time for the doctor, but it is safer and less traumatic for the patient.  Most patients find the colon hydrotherapy session liberating and enjoy sense of well-being afterwards. 

Other Medical Reasons… 

Stress, poor diet and lack of water are at the heart of constipation and fecal impaction of the colon.  Did you know that John Wayne died with over 40 pounds of impacted fecal material stuck to the insides of his bowels?!?!  Millions of people yearly suffer from back- up of the bowel and seek symptomatic relief through laxatives or purgatives, which can irritate the lining of the bowel and create swings in bowel performance.  Cleaning out the bowel through colon irrigation with clean, warm water affords the patient remedy without negative side effects.  Bowel training also occurs through strengthening the muscular performance of the bowel.  This provides the doctor and clinic staff an opportunity to instruct the patient on useful lifestyle habits for stress management, on nourishing and healthy bulk producing diets, and on the central use of more water in the diet.

Anti-Aging purposes…

More and more doctors on the forefront of anti-aging are realizing that cellular health is a function of nourishing the cells with predominantly alkaline-forming quality foods and assisting the cell to empty its wastes.  By-products of cellular metabolism are acid compounds that MUST leave the body.  Otherwise these wastes damage tissues and invite bacterial proliferation, viral distribution and fungal growth, to name just a few problems.  This scenario challenges the body’s immunity and well-being.  Wastes are emptied into the alkaline-stable bloodstream to be carried out of the body through excretory channels.  The largest repository of waste in the body is the colon.  When the colon is not eliminating effectively, over some period of time (due to reasons stated above—stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and lack of water), the resulting recycling of microscopic waste material occurs through the colon wall through the portal vein and into the liver.  This unnecessarily burdens the entire body and all its organ systems, which are interconnected.  Eighty percent of the blood that goes into the liver is from the digestive tract and is venous blood.

 The largest concentration of lymph nodes is concentrated in the abdominal cavity surrounding the small and large intestine.  Is it any wonder?  This is where the larges t concentration of septic (putrefaction causing) waste is located.  Removing this waste by colon irrigation relieves the burden on the system (providing and antiseptic environment) and allows the innate intelligence of the body to harmonize more quickly.  Homeostasis, immunity and general well-being are more easily achieved.  Those who have not been well for any reason can testify to the validity of the immediate positive effects on the entire system and sense of well-being after receiving colon irrigations.  When cells are nourished and wastes emptied, then both cellular health and cellular reproduction are boosted; thus the positive effects on anti-aging.

Three Key Points of Colon Hydrotherapy 

The Angel of Water System can deliver water safely and comfortably to a patient via the colon. Water is the single most important solution – it acts as a medium to hydrate the patient. Remember – the solution to pollution is dilution!

Hydration improves peristalsis of the colon.  The wavelike hydraulic action of water re-nourishes the impacted dehydrated or static bowel and empowers the tissues to get moving again.

Water is the single most important element to hygiene.  By improving hydration and peristalsis of the bowel, we can create a more hygienic terrain for the body’s innate intelligence to express itself.

What to expect 

Expect that you will get to see the system in it’s entirety prior to your session. 

I will show you how it works and the sterile single use disposable tube which is about the size of a pencil.  You can expect to be fully draped with a sheet, or towel, and that modesty will prevail at all times during your session. 

Unlike the picture in the brochure, most people leave their upper body garments on during the session.  You will have abdominal massage during your session which could get a little massage oil/gel/cream on your shirt, so plan accordingly.   

Your first session usually takes about an hour, subsequent sessions take about 35-45 minutes.   Most people feel surprisingly refreshed and readily able to return to their normal routine.   

Many clients ask about weight loss from colonics.  I always caution them that weight loss is a byproduct of your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and assimilate food properly.  A goal of overall health is what we are aiming for, not specifically weight loss. It is possible that even after eliminating quite a bit during your session, you could go home with a temporary net weight gain due to the absorption of extra water into your tissues.  Until this excess water is processed and eliminated, you may be slightly heavier on the scale. 

Just ask me about the baked on Lasagna Pan….  

If you are doing the “Clean up your Act Combo”, most people prefer to have their colonic first, followed by the TheraSauna session, a rinse in the shower and finish up with a massage on day one.  Day two would be your 2nd colonic.  We always try to structure your treatment plan to meet your schedule.

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