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Services Offered    
Massage - Table    
Whether you want Relaxation, Swedish, Therapeutic, 30 min  $    40.00
or a customized blend of each, a warm fleece covered table 60 min  $    65.00
draped in soft linens awaits you…. 90 min  $    90.00
Massage - Oriental 30 min  $    40.00
Both Eastern forms of massage, Thai/Yoga & Shiatsu 60 min  $    65.00
are performed on a warm, linen covered, cushioned floor mat.  90 min  $    90.00
Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing to your session. 120 min  $  115.00
Reflexology 15 min  $    20.00
One fourth of all the bones in your body are in your feet. 30 min  $    40.00
When your feet hurt, you hurt all over.  This ancient practice 45 min  $    50.00
of foot massage puts you one step farther on the path to wellness. 60 min  $    65.00
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are applied directly to the skin 90 min  $    90.00
along spine & feet in a manner which unleashes their      
healing properties within your body.  Let it Rain!    
Emotional Release    
Energy Work performed in conjunction with the use of  60 min  $    50.00
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils offers a safe atmosphere     
for emotional release.  Let go & Let God bring you healing.    
Far Infrared Waves emitted at optimum levels harness the 10/10.  $    20.00
healing power of the sun.  They deeply penetrate your tissues 20/10  $    30.00
causing your cells to release toxins through your skin! 30/10  $    40.00
Each TheraSauna session includes a 10 minute rinse.    
Colon Hydrotherapy    
Hydrate & Cleanse your Colon with a temperature controlled Initial Visit  $    75.00
stream of purified water which is gently introduced thru a Session  $    60.00
single use disposable tube no bigger than a pencil!    
Hydrotherapy Salt Bath    
Enjoy a long hot soak in filtered water which is laced   30 min  $    30.00
 w/custom blended therapeutic grade essential oils    
that have been impregnated into espsom salts    
Steam Shower      
Clear your sinuses & open your pores w/filtered steam 20 min  $    20.00
while inhaling therapeutic grade essential oils 30 min  $    30.00
Shave & Shower    
Get ready for the smoothest shave you've ever had… 20 min  $    20.00
nothing is closer than a shave in a hot steam shower. 30 min  $    30.00
Try it  - You'll like it!      (Razor Included)    
No time to rinse off before your treatment?  No Problem. 10 min  $    10.00
Take time to unwind in a shower of filtered water, then 15 min  $    15.00
 wrap yourself up in a luxurious warmed fluffy robe! 20 min  $    20.00
Colonic Packages    
Fresh Start Series 4 pk  $  220.00
Once is never enough, because there's always more…… 6 pk  $  330.00
Use these sessions according to your treatment plan. 8 pk  $  420.00
The more you buy, the more you save! 12 pk  $ 600.00
*initial colonic - add $20
Clean up your Act Combo     
This is the ultimate plateau buster and detox booster.      $  200.00
2 Colonics Back to Back with a     
30 min TheraSauna session & a 60 min Massage in between. a $30 Savings!
Massage Packages    
4-Pack Series 4 - 60 min  $  220.00
Treat yourself with Massage on a regular basis! 4 - 90 min  $  320.00
  a $40 Savings!    
TheraSauna Packages    
Use your minutes as you please! 60 min  $    55.00
Start out with  shorter sessions & 120 min  $  110.00
Build your way up to longer sessions. 180 min  $  160.00
    Want to enjoy the benefits of TheraSauna everyday at home?  Ask me how!
Build Your Own Package    
  Build a Customized Wellness Package to meet your personal health goals!   
The variety of combinations are almost endless…    
You can plan on a minimum 10% savings on multiple services.    
Gift Certificates Available    
Major Credit Cards Accepted    



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